Monday, September 20, 2010

GA Aquarium and Cranial Nerves

On Saturday I went to the Georgia Aquarium, which is the largest in the world.  I LOVE aquariums (probably because I have not watched The Cove yet).  Growing up, I wanted to be a marine biologist forever... I have always been fascinated by marine life.  I just think it is endlessly beautiful.  I also got to test out the "aquarium" setting on my camera.  Probably not going to come in handy all too often, but I do like the way the pictures turned out. :)

me with my friend Caroline
whale shark!
manta ray - these guys are HUGE
whale shark feeding time - so cool
Caroline and Matt

In less exciting news (since I realized that this blog is quickly becoming a "what I did over the weekend" blog and not so much about medical school), this is what I am currently studying, in preparation for my neural function exam on Friday.  I am not a huge mnemonic device person (because if I memorize things that way, then I end up sitting in the test repeating it and counting on my fingers instead of knowing the answer) but there are some really good ones for remembering the names of the cranial nerves.  One of my favorites (and, let's be honest, I will probably end up using it): "Obviously Once One Takes The Anatomy Final, Very Good Vodka Alleviates Heartache."

This unit is hard and overwhelming with the amount of incredibly detailed information... by far the most work so far.  Trying to keep a positive attitude as I slug through it all.  Wish me luck!!

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  1. Use it! It's a good one. The one I know is so boring, but I still remember the rhyme (even if I don't remember the nerves!)
    Good luck with this unit...I love neuro, it's fun!


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