Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spokane and Family

Another weekend post. :)

I flew out to Spokane, Washington on Friday night after my test to surprise my brother Matthew and sister Ellen at Whitworth College, where Matt is a senior and Ellen just started her freshman year.  Saturday was Matt's birthday and homecoming football game, so the whole family went out for the fun.  Dad's terrible poker face gave me away before I managed to get there, but I think it was an ok surprise anyway.  :)

It was WAY too short of a trip (had to fly right back on Sunday), but every minute of the weekend was more than worth it.  I got to see an Air Force friend who is stationed in Spokane, got to spend time with Alex, Matt's girlfriend, the Pirates won their game on Saturday, and we squeezed every last quality-family-time drop out of the 36 hours or so that we were all there together.  I also got to catch up with Kaitlin, a good friend from years ago in Fort Collins (so weird to say that it was years ago, but true).  It was absolutely wonderful to see her and her husband Phil, and to meet their beautiful daughter Mara.  I loved seeing Matt play college football one last time, and we all spent the whole time enjoying each other's company, eating some great meals, and laughing until our faces hurt.  I am beyond blessed to have been born into such an amazing family.  I won the life lottery with these people.

Alex, Oliva, me and Ellen

Kaitlin and her cute girl :)

Daddy goes in for a smooch

MVP <3
CUTE couple!!
Dad channeling his inner pirate


intense round of night putt-putt
rough conditions on the course - visibility is low
morning-after breakfast
not quiiiiite awake yet
puffy mcdermott morning eyes :)

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