Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Monday was my birthday.

Not to get all cheesy and disgusting about this (but I guess this is my blog and if I can't do it here, where can I...?) BUT: it was an amazing weekend, and I am stunned by happiness.

It was a post-test weekend, which meant that everyone from school was free, which meant that there was lots of partying, which meant lots of eating and drinking and dancing.  Dinner followed by dance party on Friday; yoga, cookout, beer festival, pub, dance party on Saturday; lots and lots of cooking and then about 18 incredible women over to my house for dinner on Sunday; coffee date followed by yoga followed by dinner followed by wine bar on Monday.  

The entire weekend was one social event after another, and the reason I am gushing about it is that I just feel so absolutely, incredibly blessed to have such amazing people in my life.  My classmates and friends in school are wonderful and SO much fun.  I have come to be surrounded by this incredible group of women, mostly from school, and some from other random connections.  Messages from friends far and wide, phone calls and video chats with my family... it was nothing but love, love, love.  I must be the luckiest girl on earth.

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