Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cadaver Ball

AKA Med School Prom.  

I am not sure why they call it Cadaver Ball, but it is the same at just about every medical school.  The second-year class rents out some big fancy venue, hire bartenders and sell tickets, and then everyone gets all dressed up and goes out to dance.  This year they rented out the Fernbank Museum, which was really cool- our dance party was under the huuuuge dinosaur skeletons!

Pre-gaming at Megan and Mihir's house.  Good friends, good beer, good food...
we almost didn't want to go to the main event.

 I love the way Megan laughs... hard and loud.

 My shoes/tights combo... loved it. :)

Letting Chelsea play bartender. 

Dinosaur time!

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