Friday, March 25, 2011

A Good Weekend

Some quick pictures for you this evening.  

Last weekend was the perfect collision of St. Patrick's Day, Match Day for 4th year med students, Jake's visit from Austin, my dad's visit from Colorado, Martin and Marielle's visit from Alabama, a wedding here in Atlanta, and absolutely glorious spring weather (pretending that I didn't have to study didn't hurt, either... at least not until Monday.)

My roommate Ajanta celebrates matching at her #1 residency choice.
Enjoying the perfect sunny afternoon on a patio.
Good times with Martin and Marielle.
Universal Joint --> awesome place.
Marielle tries to talk an old lady out of her St. Patty's Day hat.
The Rev kicks back.
Group shot!
On a mission to win spring break.
Gets the hat, wins unlimited points.
awww...  :)
Colorado goodness.

Wedding-ready with Dad and Marielle.

The groom's special-edition brew for his own reception. 
The happy couple.
Groomsman lets down.
And then GETS down.
Complete with costumes and props.
Life of the party!

Post-reception beers with friends.
Fancy (and amazing) night out to dinner before he heads back to Austin...
It was super hard to come back to reality after such a fun time, and it has been a little bit of a rough week.  I am still in the thick of cardiology... less than two weeks until our module exam, and just a little over two weeks until I leave for Haiti!!  Counting down the days for multiple (and very different) reasons.  Will write a better update soon... for now, if you are a praying person, please remember me in the upcoming days and weeks!

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