Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Weekend

I have been home from Haiti for almost exactly a week, and I am still processing what I think about it all.  I loved it; that is for sure.  But there were lots of things that were really hard about being there, and lots of things that were REALLY hard about wanting to help there.  I actually didn't take very many pictures, mostly because there were a couple of other girls who brought big, fancy cameras, which made the crappy little digital one I brought along seem horribly inadequate.  Their cameras also made me jealous, and also lazy.  I figured, their pictures were going to be much better than mine anyway, so why not let them do all the work?  I promise to get their photos and post them with stories before too long.  It was an amazing trip, with some amazing people, and I am so glad that I get to go back again in two months!  Maybe this time I can actually learn a few words of Creole before I go...

HAPPY EASTER to all who celebrate it, and to all who don't, as well. 

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