Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Memorial Day Worth Remembering

Full, full weekend behind us, and another one coming up!!

Last Thursday I flew to Austin, helped Jake pack up all his stuff, pick up a rental car, pack all said stuff into said car, then drive all the way to Atlanta on Friday, with a pit-stop in Birmingham to have dinner with Martin and Marielle on his birthday.  Then there was unloading, returning the rental, collapsing into bed, waking up, unpacking, arranging, Target and Ikea-ing, more unpacking, arranging, building... (ok, I think you probably get the idea.)

Then on Sunday afternoon, we finally dropped what we were doing, left still-damp laundry in the dryer, grabbed swimsuits and groceries, and headed up to North Carolina, where my friend's parents have a mountain cabin getaway, to meet up with a bunch of friends for a lot of good eating, drinking, porch-sitting, relaxing, playing, swimming and boating.  Just what the doctor ordered.  (Well, the student doctor, anyway...)

All smartphones left on the side table...

...for some hardcore relaxing

Is there anything better than a porch swing?

Or a rocking chair to sit on *and* one for your feet?

The feast

The master cook

Taleesha and her birthday card

Card games and hilarity

We sing to the birthday girl


Local wildlife

Our fearless captain

Nick is ready for action

Trust me, this shot looks much better in black and white

This was the beautiful lake

Jake and Nick kick off the tubing

Dying laughing before we even get going

Hanging on for dear life

Matt and Caroline - couples' tubing

My favorite picture of the weekend

Chelsea learns to waterski!

Jake makes it look easy

Up on my first try!!

Is it obvious why none of us wanted the weekend to end...?

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