Friday, August 26, 2011

Just Because I Can...

...and because I had many run-ins (a few of them literal) with adorable little kids today in clinic...
I present: my baby cousin Jackson.  I.e., the cutest baby in the whole world. 
(This will continue to be true until one of my siblings or I produce offspring.  
Nobody hold your breath.) 

And because today was one of the first times in medical school when I have actually thought that maaaaybe I should consider pediatrics.

And because I also decided today that I need to write (a) more about actual patients and medically-related experiences I am having in medical school and (b) more things about this time in my life that are positive.  Not to sugar-coat reality, but for my own sake, to help frame things in a slightly different light... might make my days feel a little happier, who knows.  Worth a shot, anyway.  

And also because I am supposed to be studying for a little tester I have to take tomorrow, so why in the world wouldn't I be blogging at almost 1 am?

So anyway.  In reference to (a) above, I have a good story from clinic today that I will write up and post, hopefully soon, in a new semi-weekly serial feature called {something clinical and clever, and possibly also a double-entendre about story-telling}, and referring to (b), I also have a closely-related-but-not-quite-the-same tidbit from today that I will share in another new, weekly serial feature called Why Medical School is Awesome.  Check back soon! :)

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