Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Izzy Report

The pup has made the big move to Atlanta! And we both survived the trip more or less intact!

So, for those who haven't heard, I officially adopted Izzy a couple of weeks ago after realizing that there was no way that I could give her up--she is just way too stinkin' cute. I think everyone in my family was secretly (and some of them not-at-all secretly) glad that I did so that they can keep seeing her, too. 

Anyway, for the trip back, I bought the biggest pet carrier that would fit under the seat on the airplane, paid the pet fee, basically stuffed her into the carrier, and for the first and last time ever, carried her on. I swear, if my flight had been even five days later, there is no way that she would have fit into that carrier. But she did, and I found out how stressful it is to travel with a pet, even though she did great the whole way, and now she is here! (I will soon be listing a nearly-new pet carrier for sale on Craigslist.)

She is adjusting pretty well, although she is definitely missing having all the other fun people around. Now she is just stuck with a boring old mom who sits and stares at her computer all day.

Doesn't really look like a comfortable headrest to me, but she can fall asleep anywhere.

So far we have enjoyed a couple of short jogs around the new neighborhood, we have met lots of people and dogs around the building, including Foxy, the next-door-dog-neighbor (and ever since she has been sitting by the front door and whining... hoping she'll get over it fast), and we paid a visit to my friend Megan, who also has a pup, Riley, but Riley wasn't home this afternoon.

Izzy is getting used to the noise on Ponce, which you can hear from inside the apartment since we directly overlook it--she is not a huge fan of motorcycles or firetrucks--and working on getting less scared of all the cars zooming by when she has to go out to pee.

She still gets the hiccups about 6 times a day, still likes to use her mouth on everything and sometimes bites a bit too hard, still has horrendous gas (that is, thankfully, pretty rare), and still cuddles like a champ on the couch while I study. 

I'm so happy to have her here... I just hope she is happy to be here, too.

Here are some bonus pictures from our last few days in Ft. Collins:
Awesome chew toy: an empty 5-Hour Energy bottle.

You can see in this one where I painted her nails red a couple weeks back (I know, I am that girl).

I think this one is hilarious because it looks like she is chugging it down.

Who, me?

I'm discovering that it is surprisingly difficult to get a good shot of a rambunctious puppy.

Much easier when she is passed out (which is, thankfully, many hours of the day.)

As long as she is as close as possible to/on top of a human, she is pretty content.

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty jealous of her life right now.

Puppy nose.

Sometimes when she sleeps really hard she sticks her tongue out like this.

Monitoring the street from her favorite perch.

I see you, squirrel!

My pup who apparently thinks she is a cat.

Just wanted a more relaxing view?

Not quite... sure... how to get down...
Being helpful with the dishes.

I think you missed a spot on that one...

Not really sure, but it's pretty cute.


  1. Gosh, she's so freakin cute, I can't handle it. And you're such a dog lady, THAT dog lady. Miss you both!! Wittle Izzy poooooo. Also Iko Iko...Just Dance 2...nice! Tell Izzy I love her. Oh, love you too.

  2. Also, just stole a lot of songs from your blog playlist. But I think you took a couple from mine so it's fine.

  3. awwww!!!! gosh she is adorable!!!!! such a cuddle bunny!!! haha i stick my tongue out too when i get too sleepy lol. I am so glad you get to keep her she is just soooo presh!!!!!! love that little whittle puppy!


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