Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's My Color

A sure sign you might need to rethink your lip gloss impulse buying habit? Finding the same exact shade you just bought in a purse you haven't used in a while. I mean, just theoretically, of course...


  1. you have a problem, sis. I think we need to do an intervention.

  2. Saw the picture of Izzy. She's the cutest. I'm surprised you don't make her wear a seatbelt. Also, disappointed in your most recent music choice. Breakeven is the worstttt.

    1. intervention, yes, definitely needed.

      i probably should make the world's cutest pup wear a seatbelt... of course they do make them.

      and whatever.. breakeven is just what i'm feeling. so... yeah. i'll try to do better next time. :)


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