Monday, May 7, 2012

Help for Haiti, Again

I am going back to Haiti, and I need to ask for your help and support once again.

It was my great fortune last year to be able to join a team of doctors and fellow med students from Emory on two separate week-long medical mission trips to Haiti's Central Plateau with Project Medishare.  These experiences were transformative and incredibly affirming of my calling to be in medicine, in a way that nothing else quite has so far in medical school.  

You can read about those trips here, here and here.  

Project Medishare provides healthcare in Haiti to people without access to the most basic medical needs.  This organization takes groups of volunteer medical professionals and students to Haiti's Central Plateau to conduct health fairs and mobile clinics, in addition to  their ongoing community health programs, providing a consistent, sustainable, and community-focused mission in Haiti, and enabling better access to healthcare for Haitians in that region of the country. 

I have committed to raise $3000 to help pay for medicine, equipment, travel, and other expenses, and I would like to ask you for help reaching this goal. 

Project Medishare has set up an online donation system if you would like to donate to my personal or team page.  The link can be found at the upper right of this page, or you can click HERE.   

Thank you so much for your consideration.  I am truly grateful for your support!

Thomonde, Haiti.  June 2011.


  1. Do they need any volunteers to just hold babies the whole time?? If so, count me in!


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