Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The elevator door opened onto the main floor.  

I took a left, feet dragging ever so slightly, shoulders noticeably stooped after a day on my feet.  It hadn't even an especially long day.  We had rounded in the morning, then there had been a couple of surgery cases, nothing major, then we saw a couple of patients and then my resident said I could go by mid-afternoon.  

Still, it was mid-afternoon, about the time when I really start to crash.  My resident had said, "Get out of here! Go enjoy your life!"  I told him that actually, I just needed to go study.  And I knew that what was about to ensue was my daily battle with myself - Should I go to my workout?  Do I go home and study?  How will I not succumb to my overwhelming desire - and need - for a nap?

I walked down the narrow hall on the main floor of the hospital, heading in the direction of the cafeteria and the exit.  Not a super-busy time of day, traffic-wise, in the halls.  Some days, especially when I am feeling down or exhausted, I make it a little personal challenge to smile and greet or at least give a little nod to people as they pass me in the hospital.  Some people give no response and then I feel sort of awkward.  But some people pay me back right away with warm and friendly greetings, and that always just makes me feel about 2 inches taller and 10 degrees happier, no matter what else has been going on.

From a ways off down the hall, I could see a policeman - just his head and his shoulders poking out from behind an elderly couple in front of him - walking in my direction.  As we came closer to each other, I could make out from his posture and his gait that he was pushing a wheelchair.

I smiled and nodded at the elderly couple as I passed them.  They didn't look at me.  Moving right along, my eyes met the policeman's and we both smiled at each other and nodded.  Then I glanced at the wheelchair he was pushing.  

Sitting in it was a big, fat watermelon.

My smile cracked open wide and I laughed out loud.  The policeman kept smiling and nodded again, eyes on me the whole time.  A second later, we were already past each other and moving in opposite directions.  My mouth hung open in a stupid grin as I shook my head, weariness evaporated.  And then from behind me, moving off down the hallway, came his deep baritone laughter, joining mine.


  1. You know I love this, don't you? Of course, you do. This is why we write, Cathy. This is exactly why we pay attention and put it down and sort it out and find the light in it.


    1. This - these five tiny seconds - changed my whole day. Every bit of it, just the way it happened. I LOVED it. And I couldn't wait to write it. :)

  2. --FAaaaNTASTIC.

    I LOooove your stories. HaaaHaaaaaa.

    btw, please continue smiling. Everbody is fighting a some sort of battle....


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