Thursday, August 30, 2012


So apparently there is some sort of convention on t.v.?

Just kidding.  Sort of.

(Truth?  I was kind of vaguely aware of its timing/existence but wasn't paying much attention.  Today, though, a surprising number of both patients and doctors mentioned it.)

~ ~ ~

This afternoon in the neurology clinic, I visited with a patient who has Parkinson's Disease and his wife.  They were just lovely people.  Very genteel.  I know that is a word that isn't really used anymore, but for whatever reason that is the one that kept popping into my head as I talked with them.  Something about his boat shoes and her red lipstick and his round gold-rimmed glasses perched atop his purplish nose and the way that both of their hair was perfectly in place: his nearly pure white, hers jet black.  But mostly, I think, it was their lilting Atlanta accents, impossible to miss yet still easy to understand.

I admired the way they shifted easily between talking about his disease progression and joking about life with Parkinson's, trading personal stories with the doctor and taking notes on new medication regimens, teasing each other and asking me about medical school.  

Towards the end of the visit, almost as an afterthought, the patient said, "Hey doc, I was meaning to ask you... is there somethin' I should do about my glasses?  I've been gettin' some double vision lately.... is that related to the Parkinson's?  Or just somethin' else?"

My attending said that yes, this was something that could develop in patients with this disease, and asked for a little more information.  The patient's wife prompted him to give the most recent example.

"Well, it seems to happen especially at night or when I'm tired.  Like last night, we were up watching the Republican National Convention and it started happenin', the seein' double," he said.  "And shoot, seein' two of those guys is just way too much!"

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The August Vacay

My brother was like, "Dude, I've been watching your Instagram feed... how long have you been on vacation??"  And then I was like, "Dude, one week!  This was is my first week off in four months!!"  

... The trick is to make it count.

So in that spirit, I bring you the long long post with many many pictures from my one week off.  :)  (Don't worry, Linds, there is not much reading involved, just tons of photos. ;))

~ ~ ~ 

We start in Seattle, where I dashed off to right after my last exam for an ΓΌber-short weekend for my friend Katie's wedding.

Space Needle! Got to have brunch up there.

Dahlias - looove these.

Wedding dress.




Tommy, open your eyes!

That's better.  :)


Priestly prep.

Here comes the groom!

Check out the shoes!


The bride with her parents.

Bridal party.

In their own world.

The ceremony...

which was long but beautiful...

and entirely in Sanscrit...

and we didn't understand a word.

... so Tommy and I got real mature and played games with my camera 
(I wish I could remember the questions we were asking each other for these faces).

Ooo! It's almost over.


I think it's official...

Yep, sure looks like it...

Yay!  They're married!!

Time for a drink.


Represent, UVA post-bacc.

Drunk on the gorgeous color.


Cell phone self-portrait.


Obsessed with my mehndi.

Cutest name-card holders ever.

Totes adorebs, right??!?

~ ~ ~

Next stop: Asheville, to visit my friend Jay and his wife.  I didn't take many pictures here, sad face.

Izzy is awesome on road trips.

Stained-glass in their awesome new house.

Home brew.

Blue Ridge.

Just mountains and rivers.

Runs in the NC Arboretum.

~ ~ ~

Final destination: St. Simon's island for beach time with buddies.

Getting close... I can smell the saltwater.

Su casa es nuestra casa.  :)

Beach supplies.

Such a good dog.

First night taco dinner.

Cheers, friends!

Time for cards: Spoons!

Indoor s'mores!

Close to perfect.

Sleepy pup.

New game.

Pre-beach brunch.

...  ready... set... relax!

Izzy the beach pup!


The Dolby-McCulloughs. 

Dog meets crab.

She wanted it SO BAD.

Fave picture from the whole week.  :)

Hey Chels, strike a volleyball pose.

Contemplating our next move.

Good choice.

Another night, another epic game.

Parting shot.

Your turn to drive.

And that's all she wrote, folks.  Now back to reality!!

~ ~ ~

**Many of the Seattle photos were contributed by the talented Brooke Coleman, a Duke med classmate of Katie's; many St. Simon's photos were taken by Nick Dolby and Chelsea McCullough; the rest came from my camera and iPhone.  All shared with permission.**

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