Saturday, August 18, 2012

Delta Programming

Last night, I was on a long flight out west, and I was pretty excited about it because I had literally just finished my psych final, gone home to pick up my bag and kiss my puppy goodbye, and headed straight to the airport.  Vacation!  Not a moment too soon.  And it was the first flight I have taken in a long time during which I didn’t have to try to stay awake and study for something.  I was super psyched for the vacation and also totally sleep-deprived, so with me on the plane, I had supplies for reading and sleeping: I had my Kindle and I had a hoodie, my neck pillow, ear plugs and an eye mask.  (You laugh, but this is my secret for travel.  It is literally the difference between a miserable experience and an amazing, refreshing nap.  I always request a window seat for this very reason.)

Anyway, I decided to listen to a little bit of music for the first part of the flight before my glorious sleep-time, and I was listening to some totally random Delta radio station, something with, like, dance-y-electronica-y remixes of top 40 hits (whatever, I don’t care what you think), when all of a sudden the music stopped and a voice started.  And the volume was just ever-so-slightly too low for me to make out all the words, but it was a voice I recognized.

It was Brenee Brown, and the radio station was playing an audio recording of her 2010 TED talk on vulnerability.  I have watched or listened to this at least three times now, and it is hands-down my favorite one of all time.  It also makes me cry every time.  I think it would probably be a good idea for me to watch it at least on a quarterly basis for the rest of life, it is just so beautiful and important.  Evidently the Delta radio gods felt the same way, and in the world’s most random programming decision, arranged for that to happen.  (They played about five TED talks, and then, just as abruptly, it was back to some Katy Perry song from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack.  Umm, what?)

I can’t recommend watching this highly enough… it will be your best-spent 20 minutes all week.


  1. The music on that station sounds awesome. I want to know how many of the "whole-hearted" people are Christians. Because I can't imagine believing those things apart from Jesus or apart from the truths that are in the Bible.

  2. Brilliant. Inspiring. Eye-Opening.

    "To be seen Deeply"

    I really love that.

    Thanks for the share...


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