Thursday, August 16, 2012


My final exam for psych is tomorrow morning... and I have really loved psych... but man am I so over studying for it.  Way too excited about what follows: a week of vacation!!  Since it's all I can think about right now, I decided to make another mini-bucket list for some sweet days off.  Here we go!

Photo courtesy of my latest app obsession: Glaze. Makes your pics look like paintings!

1. Spend every one of my short 34 hours in Seattle catching up with my awesome friend Tommy, whom I haven't seen almost since our adventuras españolas over two years ago!!

2. Stuff my face with as much delicious Indian food as humanly possible at our friend Katie K's wedding.

3. Finally make it up to Asheville for the first time since I have lived in the south and visit my childhood friend Jay and his wife after promising them I would for about two years now.

4. Finish reading Middlesex and read at least one other novel on my Kindle.

5. Call three friends to whom I owe pathetically overdue catch-up sessions.  (Arshia, Liv, Casey... this is your warning.)

6. See the new Bourne movie.

7. Get Izzy to go into the ocean with me.  I am determined that she will learn to like swimming!

8. Have at least one really good game night with friends.  Obviously the bowl game is imperative.

9. Use my actual camera instead of just Instagramming everything on my phone.

10. Break a sweat, somehow, every single day: runs, yoga, long walks on the beach, dancing my butt off... who knows?

Bonuses: learn to paddleboard, sleep in, do some writing.  The countdown has begun.... :)

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