Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Sooo.... I sort of love neuro!  Huh.  Who knew?  More on that later.

I hustled out of the hospital an hour ago.  

It was one of those situations where your resident turns to you as says, Well, hey, we're about done here... and you have your test on Friday... so why don't you get out of here?  And then your response is to be like, Really?  Well, is there anything else I can do?  Are you sure?  And you are trying not to look too anxious/excited about it but meanwhile every fiber of your being is aching to make a mad dash for the exit.  And in this case it's sadly not because you are hoping to make it out in time to meet up with friends for happy hour or enjoy the ridiculously perfect September-in-Atlanta weather, but because you are woefully unprepared for an exam coming up in about 40 hours or so and freaking out about it just a little.

Anyway, as a team we said our goodbyes, and I hightailed it to my car in the visitor/guest parking garage, where I had parked this morning because a) it was the last day of the rotation and I figured paying for one day of parking wouldn't kill me, b) it gave me just a couple of extra minutes this morning, and c) because, tragically, my luck finally ran out at the super secret parking spot I have been using for two weeks and I got a ticket there yesterday.

As I power-walked through the hospital and out onto the street, I grabbed an apple from my bag and chowed down, ravenous.  Got to my car, flung my bags and white coat inside, hopped in and threw it in reverse.

The dress I wore today is a recent new-to-me purchase from one of my favorite thrift shops.  Sleeveless,  racerback, reversible (!), super comfortable.  Also still a decent length for work, although just barely.  I definitely wouldn't wear anything shorter.  You know how when you are wearing a short-ish skirt and you sit down, you need to sort of adjust a little?  And you know how when you jump in your car all fast-like, you might not bother to give your skirt that little tug?  Because you aren't in public, you're just in your car.  Anyway, yeah, that was me... not indecent, or anything like that, just driving in a short skirt, sleeveless, racerback dress.

I whipped around corners, winding my way down to the ground level, shifting with my right hand and stealing bites of my apple from my left, nibbling all the way down to the core just as I pulled up to the booth to pay for my decadent day of legal, covered parking.  The attendant was a beautiful Ethiopian woman with large eyes and a lovely accent.  I tossed the apple core back into my lunch bag and fished for my wallet.  

She rang me up and handed my credit card back to me along with a receipt.  And then she said, "What were you eating?"  I grinned.  "Apple," I said.  She said, "All the people they has the nice body, when you ask, they say 'apple'."

I laughed and thanked her, totally delighted.  Then I went ahead and ate the second apple I had on my drive home.  :)


  1. OW OWWWW! Nice body, cute dress :)

  2. Have I told you about how I get to park for free in many Atlanta lots because people I get mistaken for Ethiopian? It's a lovely thing, I tell you. Parking free and being mistaken for such a beautiful people.


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