Monday, September 24, 2012

The Great Gatsby

The following things were on my to-do list for Sunday: have brunch, go to church, take the dog for a run, plan meals for the week, shop, cook, acro yoga, clean my room, clean my desk, read through some papers I need to read, go to a team dinner, go to a Haiti meeting, write a blog entry, email my parents, do my nails.

None of them happened.

Ok, slight exaggeration there... I did have brunch in the morning and went to my Haiti meeting in the evening.  But other than that?  I laid around a lot.  I inhaled the sublime fall weather and the just ever-so-slightly crisp breeze coming through our flung-wide-open back doors from the couch and took a nap.  Izzy and I went on a long walk.  I wish I had just decided when I woke up that it was going to be one of those days and to just deeply enjoy it instead of feeling slightly anxious and guilty all day about not checking off any of the items on my list.  Remember when I wanted to finish reading Middlesex in addition to a whole other novel on my vacation a month ago?  Yeah... I'm still only about 60% through it.  I should have read it on my couch instead of whatever internet nonsense I did spend time looking at because I was procrastinating and avoiding the less-enjoyable responsibilities I should have taken care of this weekend.

Oh, well.  At least Saturday night was fun!

My friend Jon hosted a Great Gatsby party at his swanky high-rise apartment in Midtown, and we went all out.  Shopping trips to several different thrift stores, craft stores, grocery stores, and liquor stores were involved.  Outfits complete with every requisite accessory were assembled (for me: sequined dress, feather boa, bejeweled and feathered headband, long strings of pearls and matching earrings, fishnet hose with seams up the back).  I washed, dried, sprayed, curled, sprayed, arranged, pinned, and re-sprayed my hair.  My friend Shruthi even found an online tutorial of how to do 1920s Clara Bow-esque makeup (here if you are curious!) and I did my best to replicate it with the makeup I already had.  All of the preparation took hours but the results were awesome and the whole thing was a blast.  

Man, do I love theme parties!!

the prep
the result

end of the night

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  1. WHAT! I can't even begin to express how jealous I am of this. Seriously. Last week in one of my classes, we did an ice breaker about what time in history we would go back to. I said the 1920's. I'm dying of jealousy. You're hot. But seriously, my sis is beautiful!


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