Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Top Ten Things Making Me Happy Right Now

1. Tonight's sunset from my neighborhood:

2. Coming home after a long day to wet, sloppy kisses from a sweet, wiggly, overly-excited puppy 
(this picture is clearly not doing a good job of demonstrating this, it was just the only one I had.)

3. Back on the bandwagon.  For the past month, maybe longer, I have been abusing my body: way too much drinking, way too much eating really crap food, way too much stress, way too little sleep, way too little exercise.  But I now have new resolve to get my shit together in that department, so today is day two of committed FitWit attendance and eating right.  Dinner tonight was a giant delicious salad that was about 50% avocado.  Yum.  :)  My muscles are also sore again, finally, which I secretly love. 

4. The new Imagine Dragons album.

5. The cheapest and most self-restrained visit to Target I have ever made in my life: $6.42!

6. Keeping in touch the old-fashioned way:

8. More hilarious patient stories.  Today, in clinic:
Me, totally overwhelmed after listening to an incredible litany of medical issues going on with a Parkinson's patient: "And what would you say is your BIGGEST concern today?" 
Parkinson's patient, totally deadpan, without missing a beat: "That Romney might get elected."
Swear, I do not make this stuff up.  I am not trying to be apolitical on this blog, but I'm also not trying to wave my opinions around or incite any sort of political discussions, either.  I am sure there are just as many snarky patient comments that go the other way every day, but these are just the ones I've heard personally.  And I think they are an absolute riot.  :)

9. A story I just heard from a friend who shall remain anonymous about how when she was in college she used to date the drummer of a band that has recently made it big and how she took his v-card.  And then he wrote a song about it.  And that song got him some sort of prestigious scholarship for some music school, or something like that.  This is probably funnier if you know the person and the band involved.  Sorry, I know this blog is usually a little more family-friendly, but for some reason this is just cracking me up right now.

10. This postcard from my sister:

Happy Wednesday!

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