Monday, October 22, 2012

Surgery Has Started....

Today, in orientation...

Clerkship director, MD: "So let me just take a few moments to address some of your fears about this rotation."

[Student concern.]

"You are worried about getting enough sleep.... You'll be fine.  You'll be really tired, that's just the way it is.  But you will be fine."

[Student concern.]

"You don't think you will be able to study enough and learn all there is to know?  Ha.  Yeah, you won't.  Don't even try."

[Student concern.]

"Your knowledge of anatomy is rusty?  Um, yeah, none of you know anatomy.  Don't worry, we expect that."

[Student concern.]

"Getting enough exercise and eating healthy??  Oh, forget it!"  [Laughs hysterically.]  [Recovers a little.]  "Seriously, though, take the stairs."  [More laughter.]


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