Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Past

I found these shots sitting on my sister's old camera from three years ago.  

This was the winter I was living at home and applying to medical school.  I was only about to interview at Emory and I had no idea yet where I wanted to go for school.  What else?  I was considering joining the Air Force (I did), I was dating someone I thought might have long-term potential (he did not), I was planning a month-long solo trip to Peru and a week-long trip with my brother to run with the bulls in Spain (we went; we did not run).

How was this three years ago already??!?  

How young and rested do I look??  Haha.

Stay tuned for pictures from this year's Christmas, we got some great ones.  (And by we, I should say mostly my sister Ellen, with her brand-new fancy camera.)  Also, here is some advice for how to have a guaranteed great time at the holidays, work in some exercise and get the world's funniest pictures of all of your family members: Wii Dance.  Seriously, it's amazing.


  1. Landed on this while surfing through calls this morning, Catherine. You're such a cool person, just FYI. I always walk away impressed or amused by your approach to life, and appreciate it from an outsider's perspective.

    Best wishes on a great 2013, and hope all is well with you and yours.

  2. Very adorable. I was just looking at some photos of myself from a few years ago and thinking, "Dang I look rested!"


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