Sunday, December 23, 2012


This week's Sunday Six is brought to you by Going Home for the Holidays. Here are the first six things I have done in the 48 hours since I arrived in Colorado:

1. I finished two books and started two more.

This is the kind of book that you don't ever want to end.  I started it months ago and this trip makes the third vacation I have now taken and read it on, and I was sad as soon as I finished it.  Just an incredibly well-written, epic story with awesome characters and a fantastic premise.

This was a Christmas gift last year and I finally got around to starting it this past summer.  For weeks I would get through maybe two pages every night before passing out... I got about halfway through it this way, and then surgery started nine weeks ago and I hadn't picked it up since.  I read the other half on the plane ride here.  It's all about the little things we can do to improve the safety record in surgery and medicine in general - sounds like a total yawn, right?  Gawande makes it completely fascinating and inspiring, especially having just been on that rotation.

I saw Santaland Diaries a few weeks ago in Atlanta - a hilarious play based on the first chapter of the inimitable David Sedaris' book filled with hysterically funny observations about holidays with family.  The play was awesome and inspired me to get the book and read the rest of it.  Sedaris fans, people who like humor and anyone who has ever experienced a Christmas that was anything other than post-card perfect will love this one.

This one's a re-read for me.  You all obviously know by now my giant crush on admiration for Atul Gawande.  This is his first book and I read it back when I was applying to post-bacc programs, when my dream of going to medical school and becoming a doctor was still just in its infancy.  Just as good - now with some medical experience, if not better, the second time around.

2. Lots of good food: I ate a Chipotle burrito bowl literally as soon as I exited the Denver airport, courtesy of my brother Matthew (I know this is not a uniquely Colorado thing anymore [thank God!] but it does have a strong family association :)).  Banana pecan waffles with Nutella for breakfast, home-cooked dinner, Grandparents joining us for dessert, multiple ice cream flavor choices to go with Dad's birthday angel-food cake, Mom's latte, hand-delivered to me in bed (seriously, folks, this is the life!!), Sunday brunch... awesome deliciousness.

3. I have slept more hours than I did on my entire last week of surgery combined

4. Took Izzy to explore the local dog parks and on some long, chilly walks.

5. Yoga!  My friend Lindsay has opened a beautiful, amazing studio here in Ft. Collins.  If you are a Northern Colorado yogi, go check it out!!  Your body will thank you.

6. Enjoyed some hardcore snuggling with the two other snuggliest family members.  :)  (Haha... Ellen is going to kill me for putting these on here, but they are too funny not to...)

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