Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Well, This is Just About the Cutest Thing Ever

So far this week, I have had patients who have been 87, 88, and 95 (all women).  The two older ones are just as sharp as tacks, and the two younger ones are just as sweet as they can be.  :)  Interviewing them can be tough and time-consuming, because they can be pretty hard to understand (none of them have many teeth left), but ohmygoodness is it worth it.  Hysterically funny and totally adorable.  It has been especially cute and hilarious how many of our senior lady patients have had not-so-secret crushes on the two young male doctors on our team this month.  

I randomly came across this ridiculously sweet video today (which is in no way related to my most recent post and only because I have had so many precious octogenarian patients recently) and thought I'd share.  It's short - enjoy!  :)

Marrying At 100
from Zack Conkle on Vimeo.

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