Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What's App?

When I got my iPhone, one of the things I was most excited about finally being able to do with a smart phone was use Instagram.  For the year that I've had it now, I have come to love taking pictures with my phone more and more.  I think it's actually kind of amazing how good the pictures can be, and using your phone just couldn't be more convenient (as a result, I take more pictures, but use my actual camera less.)

Anyway, this is a totally random post, but I occasionally get questions about what apps I use or how I edit my photos, and since I recently downloaded a few new apps that I am currently infatuated with, I thought I'd share.  They are all free or under a couple of bucks. 

Instagram is my fave.  (That's my feed over there on the right.)  I usually take my pics in another app and edit them first before I post.  For taking pictures, I have mostly used Camera Plus for a long time, but just discovered Camera Awesome, which I think I like more.  

For editing, I use a few different apps that I really like.  Snapseed and AfterLight both let you do a lot of tweaking of things like brightness, exposure, saturation, sharpness, and they also have their own gorgeous pre-set filters with adjustable intensity.  I use "coral", "olive", and "lume" in AfterLight a lot.  I don't really have a consistent method or my own style - I just play around with my pictures until I get to a look that I like, one that sort of captures the mood I'm going for with that shot.  Sometimes the edited version ends up darker, more saturated, more intense and defined, and sometimes it ends up being more muted or lighter and airier.  But that's part of what makes iPhone photography fun for me - quick, easy, user-friendly, low-commitment, cool results. 


On the more gimmicky side, DeluxeFX has fun overlays like a few different bokehs and others.  Repix lets you add cool effects using your fingertip as a paintbrush.  Glaze turns your photos into paintings.  PicFrame lets you stitch together collages and also has a feature that lets you add labels to it, which is why I like it more than other collage apps.

bokehs, DeluxeFX

ocean painting, Glaze

Sometimes, if I'm feeling really ambitious (or bored) I edit pics in multiple apps to get the effect I want.


 Other fun recent discoveries are Photolettering and ComicBook (great way to pass some time at the dog park while your furry buddies are entertaining themselves). 

That's all I got tonight.  What are your favorite apps and iPhone photography tricks??

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