30 by 30

1. run a 10k
2. do a straddle tripod headstand in yoga ✔
3. get a dog ✔
4. deliver a baby (side note: how cool is it that this can be one of my goals for the year??) 

5. learn to rock climb
6. take ballet ✔
7. learn how to check the oil in my car 

8. make a quilt 
9. learn to drink coffee black 

10. submit something for publication 

11. learn to juggle
12. get a porch swing
13. learn to slackline

14. be in a flashmob
15. get to (and stay at) my ideal healthy body weight
16. go skydiving 

17. ride in a hot air balloon
18. do acro yoga 

19. take a photography lesson
20. learn a few basic phrases in Haitian creole 

21. go an entire month without spending any money at Target 

22. do a pull-up from a dead hang
23. roll my own sushi 

24. get a tattoo
25. purge my closet of everything I don't wear/doesn't fit/isn't in or ever coming back
26. go six months without buying any new clothing
27. visit Asheville 

28. run a sub-25-minute 5k and a sub-7-minute mile
29. successfully complete a Whole30 program 

30. learn to scuba dive 

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