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Wildlife World Zoo Reviews

The Wonders of Wildlife World Zoo Reviews : A Traveler’s Perspective 

Today, In this article we will talk about Wildlife World Zoo Reviews. When we talk about the beauty of nature, there is nothing better than these wild and green forests & the beautiful and diverse creatures living there. This is a fascinating and extraordinary zoo located in the heart of Arizona that houses a wide variety of animal species. So, today we will take you on an experienced tour sitting at home with the help of Wildlife World Zoo Reviews, we will tell you that if you want to go there then what things you should keep in mind, which places are worth visiting and which places you should avoid. Where else can you go with your family to stay safe?

Wildlife World Zoo Reviews

A Quick look of Wildlife World Zoo

You will be surprised to know because this is one of the largest zoos in America, which is built on about 100 acres and is located in a park named Litchfield, just outside Phoenix. This large and spacious zoo contains more than 600 species of animals that have been brought from all over the world. As it is said that nature has every way to make you happy, whether you come to spend your holidays in this zoo alone or with your family, I promise you will not be disappointed. If you are concerned about security, then do not worry, your security is completely taken care of here. Stay with me as I am giving you Wildlife World Zoo Reviews through my experience.

Highlights of Wildlife World Zoo

As we all know that the zoo is a main museum, everything from lion to elephant, from birds to fish can be seen here. Believe it, there would hardly be any creature that you would not see here. Let me tell you about some more such things present here :-

1- Safari Park 

The Safari Park is located in Litchfield, Arizona, which is about 30 minutes northwest of Phoenix. This park was opened in 1984. It was started with a lot of animals, that is why this park is spread over 215 acres. This park is generally for children, there are 10 types of rides available for them. 

Its ticket is also not very expensive :- 

  • (0 - 2 years)    Free
  • (3 - 12 years)  $27
  • (13+ years)     $48

2- Australian Adventures

The most special thing about this place is that the behavior of the animals living here like elephants and kangaroos creates such a family atmosphere that you can feed them with your hand, play with them, and they get along with the children very quickly. And all these types of animals are present here, all these animals are mostly found in Australia, hence it has been named Australian Adventures and this is the best example of my Wildlife World Zoo Reviews.

3- Big Cat Exhibit

If we talk about Wildlife World Zoo Reviews, the cat species has been very successful in its exhibitions. I am talking about the major species of powerful and agile cats like Lions, Tigers and Leopards. Here we are given some instructions which we have to follow so that the Cat species does not feel that they are in any danger from us, because if they feel threatened by us then they will become a threat to us, hence the staff there takes care that all the people and all the animals remain safe.

4- Aquarium

Just as there are all kinds of creatures in this world, similarly there are people who love sea creatures and for those people the facility of an aquarium is also available here. You can have a 360° view of the aquarium where you can see colorful fishes, sharks and most of the creatures swimming in the water. It is believed that in this world, 1/4th part is land and the rest is water, so till date no one has been able to know how many species of sea creatures there are, but still the guides there will make you aware of this to some extent. This will ensure that you will not remain unaware of the creatures present there, the rest of the real experience will be available only after going there.

Wildlife World Zoo Reviews

There are some tricks which can be kept in mind to make this journey more enjoyable :- 

  • Protection from Sun - While traveling here, you must keep one thing in mind that you must bring a hat, goggles and sunscreen with you to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Follow Schedule - When you reach there, definitely take the map of the place and know the schedule so that you do not have to face any kind of problem.
  • Arrival on time - The animals are more active in the morning, so if you go early, you will be able to have more fun with them and if your children are with you, then definitely take something to feed the animals. Let me tell you that the zoo is open from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • Help Box available - If you want to make any kind of donation to the zoo or want to help in the plantation, then you can do so without hesitation and by doing so, you will also help the zoo and its animals like other people.
  • Keep yourself Hydrated - Let me tell you that the temperature of Arizona is mostly hot and in summer it is even hotter, so do not let there be any shortage of water in your body, carry water bottles with you carefully.

Amazing Experiences 

Here we not only get entertainment but also get a lot of knowledge about what is the name of the animals being shown to us, what are their characteristics, where are their species found. We are told in advance which animals present there are safe to spend our time with and which ones are in danger :-

1- Carousel trip on track

When I talk about Wildlife World Zoo Reviews, I cannot forget the most important part of it, which is a beautifully designed carousel with hand carved animals, which transforms a simple park into a fun and joyful one. This makes it a carousel ride. Not only this, but whatever income it earns is invested in the improvement and care of animals in zoos around the world.

2- Bird Show

If you have come here then why miss seeing the amazing sight of birds here, where you will see a different natural miracle of parrots, eagles, white owls and other birds. This show not only entertains us, but seeing those birds flying in such a way, it seems as if we too are touching the heights of the sky with them and in that show we are able to feel a different kind of peace, this sight is seen once in a lifetime. Please come and see.

3- Engaging with Animals

Connecting with animals is a different kind of fun, you will feel a thrill, a little fear, a little excitement, a little nervousness, you will feel all this at the same time. The staff here, who have a good relationship with animals, will help you. You can also feed the animals, just like you can catch a python, you can feed a kangaroo, along with all these things, you also get information that sometimes. If such animals come near you, you do not have to worry because unless they feel threatened by you, they will not harm you.

There are some more features I would like to mention :- 

  • Becoming a Member of Zoo - While I am sharing so much of my experience on Wildlife World Zoo Reviews, let me also tell you that along with one day ticket, the facility of annual membership is also available. Membership also entitles you to discounts on meals, unlimited tours and souvenirs, so you can come on vacation alone or with your family whenever you feel like traveling.
  • Features for Touring - This zoo is especially made for families. Here you can have a picnic, a place to rest if you are tired while roaming, and a food court is also included keeping your health in mind. Getting tired while traveling with children is a problem for every parent, for this there are beautiful trees planted here at every short distance, under which you can sit and enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • Facility for a Disabled person - I have visited many zoos but most of the zoos do not have any facilities for disabled people, but there are wheelchairs and strollers available on rent for disabled people. There are also easy paths for their wheelchair so that they do not face any problem in moving around and they can enjoy their zoo journey without taking anyone's help. There are complete arrangements for the security of them and all the other people, there is nothing to worry about.


I am giving Wildlife World Zoo Reviews through this article because here I have got to see animals, creatures, birds and sea creatures from every corner of the world, along with that the beauty of nature has taken away all my stress. I suggest you come here with your family for a weekend. Here you get 10 types of rides in the safari park, which children will enjoy more than us, how can we forget the elephants and kangaroos of Australia and then if we talk about the excellent bird show, then it would have made our evening more wonderful. Those colorful fishes and so many sea creatures which I had never seen before nor had I ever heard of, thanks to this zoo I got the privilege of seeing and knowing them. I can definitely say that you will not be disappointed by going here, rather you will bring back some knowledge from this journey and this was my Wildlife World Zoo Reviews.


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