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Poland vs Albania

 A historical enmity between two countries : Poland vs Albania 

It is believed that the history of nations is often woven with threads of conquest, conflict and cultural heritage. And similarly, today we are also going to talk about the ongoing ancestral war between two countries, which today has maintained its war through sports competitions instead of weapons and in many different ways, we are talking about Poland vs Albania. We will know the history of these two countries in depth and will also discuss who ruled the state in which era and for how long. You should also know what are the things that make these two countries different and better from each other. So why not live Poland vs Albania today through this article.

Poland vs Albania

Similarities and differences between Poland & Albania



  • The border of Poland has changed many times till now. It is now stable after the Second World War ended in 1945.

  • The border of Albania has also been changed many times and there is still a way to go to Albania from many countries.

  • There are 88% Catholic churches here and 28% of the people here go to church every week.

  • Sunni Muslims are the largest community here and not only Muslims but also Catholics live here.

  • Poland became independent after 123 years in November 1918 and Britain had great support in this.

  • On November 28, 1912, Albania became independent from the Ottoman Empire after a long period of slavery.

  • It endured communism from 1952 to 1989. Polish parliamentary elections were held in 1947.

  • It was one-party communist communist state from 1946 to 1991

  • It took time 1989-1991 for Poland to become a democratic state. This was a huge agenda to reconnect with the Euro-Atlantic World.

  • Its transition to democracy began in the 1990s after 4 decades of communist rule by Enver Hoxha.

History of Poland

Poland is a state which has emerged from slavery and made itself an independent state. The old name of Poland was Lechia. Polish people follow Roman Catholicism. Today it has been 998 years since it was discovered in 1025. Poland's economy ranked 21st worldwide in 2023. The first people to come here were from the Polan clan, hence it is also called “The Lands of Polan”. Let us know its complete history today and who has ruled it before :- 

Poland vs Albania

1- World Wars (1989-1918)

Poland was independent only for some time, because it became a battlefield during the two world wars, World war I (1914-1918) & World war II (1939-1945). However, after the Second World War, it joined the Soviet Union and became a communist state. By 1989, many changes had come and gone in Poland's economy and its democracy.

2- Partition and Rebirth (1918-1795)

Many countries were involved in the partition of Poland in the 18th century, such as Russia, Prussia and Austria. There was a time when Poland almost disappeared from the map of Russia and remained divided for a long time, but Poland fought for its independence and national identity, which resulted in it becoming an independent state in 1918.

3- The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1795-1569)

The country was divided into three parts: the Russian Empire, the German Kingdom of Prussia, and the Austrian Habsburg Monarchy. It was a union of Poland and Lithuania ruled by a common king. This era was characterized by a constitution (the first in Europe), religious tolerance, and a thriving economy. Although the state was also weakening due to conflicts and pressures, the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth reached its peak in the 17th century.

4- The Jagiellonian Dynasty (1572-1386)

The marriage of Queen Jadwiga of Poland and Grand Duke Jogaila of Lithuania marks the beginning of the Jagiellonian dynasty in 1386. The Jagiellons ruled several European countries between the 14th and 16th centuries, most notably the Kings of Poland. Jagiellonian or Relating to the royal dynasty founded by Grand Duke Jogaila of Lithuania, which ruled much of Europe in the 14th and 16th centuries. The Jagiellon dynasty ended when Louis II died in 1526.

5- The Piast Dynasty (1370-960)

The history of Poland began in the late 10th century during the reign of the Piast dynasty. Mieszko I is credited with the conversion of Poland to Christianity in 966, an event considered important for the country's political development. Mieszko I was the first king and the last king of the Piast dynasty on the lands of Poland was King Casimir III the Great.

Poland vs Albania

History of Albania

Albania, located in Southeastern Europe, is home to ancient civilizations and diverse history. Albania has a history of its ancient civilizations, its rulers and wars, which we are going to talk about in detail further. The Ottoman Empire annexed Albania in the late 15th century, marking centuries of Ottoman rule. So let us understand the entire history of Albania through points one by one:-

1- Democratization of Albania (Present-1992)

Albania's democracy began in the 1990s and was a very important stage in Albania's history. Since 1990, this country has become a democratic country due to which many changes have taken place in it such as the development of the country and improving international relations for trade. Because every country has its own history, everyone has fought for their honor and independence and after becoming independent, they have created an empire, which the government keeps trying to improve day by day. By applying new investments, new inventions and new rules to them, and to keep them within the ambit of law.

2- Communist Era (1992-1944)

Before talking about the Communist Era, let us know what Communist means, Communist is a political and economic ideology that advocates a society without social and economic class. In the communist era, the government or the community who are the means of production, such as owners of factories and mines or people who do not even own land, factories or machines, are expected to pay some money from their earnings in the form of tax. After the Second World War Enver Hoxha, under whose leadership communist rule was brought in to make Albania different from other countries.

3- World wars & Independence (20th century)

Albania was ruled by the Ottoman Empire for a long time, then after 1912 Albania took its independence from the Ottoman Empire. Albania became independent for the first time and had no ruler, so the country experienced political instability. Albania lost troops as well as land in the war, disputes over possessions arose in many territorial cases. There are wars all over the world but there is one thing that forces us to talk about Poland vs Albania and that is the conflict between these two countries.

4- Ottoman Empire (20th to 14th century)

The Ottoman Empire ruled Albania for many years. You can also call it the Turkish Empire and it started at the end of the 13th century. The Ottoman Empire ruled from the 14th century to the 20th century, in which it extended its rule not only to Albania but to Southeast Europe, West Asia and North Africa. The Ottoman Empire greatly influenced its culture and religion on the countries it ruled. But the Ottoman Empire came to an end in 1918 after its defeat in World War I and was dismantled by the Allies. This is also a similarity between Poland vs Albania in that both states were ruled by different rulers for a long time in this century. 

5- The Bronze & Iron Age (400 BC-167 BC)

The history of humans was divided into three ages: Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. The Bronze Age lasted from (2300 – 700 bce) and the Iron Age lasted from (700 – 1 bce). In the Stone Age, humans used to make weapons from shiny stones for hunting and when the Bronze Age came, then they started making weapons by melting tin and copper. The first language in Albania was that of the Illyrian people and the culture of the Illyrian people is still prevalent there. 


Whatever we have learned so far about Poland vs Albania, we have seen many similarities in it, how much hard work it took for them to liberate themselves, what they have endured till now, how many challenges they have faced and every situation they have faced under the rule of different rulers. It is not only war history and independence that is the reason why we should talk about Poland vs Albania, but their sporting history is also there. These two teams have faced each other twice in the European Championship. Sports is one of those traditions which the countrymen wholeheartedly support. If you don't know, then let me tell you that these countries play football. I hope you would have liked my article Poland vs Albania and you would have got some information from it which would be of some benefit to you. I have understood one thing very deeply that no matter how many problems may arise, having patience and courage will lead to freedom one day or a solution to that problem is found. I will meet you in the next article, till then Happy Winters, Thank you.

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